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managed Live-Chat

for your website 

We give your online brand a voice and help you build valuable relationships with your customers.

With Alice-Chat you increase revenues, customer satisfaction and efficiency in sales and service.


Why Alice Live-Chat?

Customers inform themselves anonymously on the Internet and companies neither know who their visitors are, nor what they are looking for. Don’t let the golden fish slip away!

Alice-Chat allows you to address your virtual visitors directly, making them much more likely to become new customers instead of leaving your website, because they were not attended to.

Contact forms often ask for personal information, which discourages customers. Chat is anonymous and provides information without requiring the visitor to provide personal contact details.

Email communication lacks in efficiency. Exchanges can take days before sales advisors have fully answered a question. By then your customers have already bought somewhere else.

Call centres often frustrate with extensive voice response menus and long waiting times in queues before one is finally connected to a sales advisor. International calls are expensive.

European Service

Reliability for Your Success

Alice-Chat is a service of Distance-Assistance, a European company with German management. Your Alice-Chat agent writes in your language, does not use translation software, works in your time zone and understands your customers culturally.

Your Safety – Our Top Priority

Our chat and data centers are located in the EU, 100% GDPR and BDSG compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Our chat software meets HIPAA and PCI / DSS standards.

Distance-Assistance is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Startups, an association of almost 1,000 young companies that promotes start-up ecosystems.

Distance-Assistance is a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Startups, an association of almost 1,000 young companies that promotes start-up ecosystems.

Your Advantages

Мore Customer Contacts

than through
contact forms

Get more business with Alice-Chat! Pro-active chat converts 4x more visitors into leads than contact forms.

More Sales

10% – 15%
revenue increase

Visitors, addressed by live chat, buy more. We clear up last doubts and draw attention to special offers.

Offer your customers the communication channel of their choice.

Customers prefer live chat on websites. Pro-active chat achieves over 90% customer satisfaction and increases trust in your brand.

Agile Adaptation

Chat traffic is varying greatly and employing additional staff for covering occasional peak loads is too expensive. Your Alice-Chat team will be dynamically expanded and always be available to all of your customers.

Chat is more efficient than a phone call.

Efficient and Economical
In customer service, the chat is not only faster than telephone or e-mail, but also much cheaper.

No Contract

  • no obligations
  • no onboarding fees
Benefit from automated processes, experienced employees and the latest chat technology, expandable through many integration options including your CRM.

Alice-Chat Services


Setup of chat window and your routing rules. Preparation of your knowledge database and training of our chat agents.


We inform you immediately about customer inquiries. Increase your sales through prompt customer service.


Get to know your visitors better. We create profiles of your website visitors according to your specifications.


Measure the satisfaction of your visitors based on the ratings of your chat service.


Monthly submission of all chat transcripts to provide deeper insights into your customer communication.


Your chat service works on any device.

Additional Options


Alice-Chat is always available to your webpage visitors. Book our 24/7 package.


Promote special offers at the top of your chat without having to adapt your website.

CRM Integration

We integrate Alice-Chat with a CRM system of your choice.

Social Media

We also respond to your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Chat Assist

Shorter response times and the most precise answers.


Efficient problem solving through screen sharing for complex services.

How to Get “Your” Alice

This is what we will do for you:

  • 1. Setup of your chat

    Creation of your knowledge database and escalation procedure, adapted to your business needs.

  • 2. Feedback & Acceptance

    Fine-tuning of your chat service and final acceptance by you.

  • 3. Training & Tests

    Our chat agents will be trained according to your requirements.

  • 4. Service launch!

    Increase your business success!

Add a new sales channel for only €99 per month and offer your customers the most efficient communication on your website.

For €0.14 per hour!

Alice-Chat from

€99 per month!*

Mo-Fr, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CET (9 hours)

25 chats included


chat window with your routing rules

Recharge Options

50 chats: €179

150 chats: €499

300 chats: €899

Your Advantages

no contract or setup fees

knowledge data base

options for
24/7 service and
CRM integration

*In order to get you excited about this offer, we double the number of chats for your first order.

What do you get for €99?

Alice-Chat takes care of your website visitors
24 hours a day!

During working hours, your Alice-Chat agents chat with your website visitors personally. Outside of working hours, your chatbot takes over to respond to inquiries. You can also extend your personal service. 

Ask us about our evening and weekend offers.

Answers to Your Questions

Am I bound by a long-term contract?

No, because you’re not signing any contract. After registration, you simply pay for the first three months and then purchase your desired services for the same period. You can recharge your chat balance at any time as needed. The purchased chats have no expiry date. Payments can be made by bank transfer, direct debit or credit card.

How do you get to know my company?

The more we know about your company, the more useful Alice-Chat becomes for your visitors. Therefore, we will create a knowledge database about your company together with you in order to answer as many questions as possible. Your Alice-Chat standard package includes 20 questions with answers. You can send us changes to this knowledge database at any time by e-mail.

How are chats forwarded to the right department in my company?

Together we will define “tags” with which we can assign chats to your departments or employees. The incoming chats will then be marked with these tags and, in case of an escalation, forwarded to the appropriate person in your company.

What are pro-active chats?

In standard mode, we do not actively address your website visitors; only the chat button is visible, which can be activated by your visitors.

However, you can instruct us to pro-actively approach your visitors, for example to offer help or information. You can choose when and how we should address your visitors, for example according to the length of time they spend on a particular page or if a customer hesitates to complete an order.

Pro-actively addressing your visitors increases the number of chats. On average, 2% of all website visitors take advantage of an opportunity to chat. If your visitors are addressed po-actively, this percentage will double to around 4%. This increases your costs, but you will also double the number of valuable sales leads.

But you will always keep your costs under control anyway, because we will never conduct more chats than you have paid for. You can compare our fee model with Google AdWords.

What happens outside of working hours?

Outside of Alice-Chat’s service hours on your website – as determined by you – we can either remove the chat window from your website or convert it into a request form for the visitors of your website. If you need an extended service, please contact us for our evening, weekend and 24/7 offers.

Will I be charged for every chat, even if it is spam?

No. We only charge for chats in which a visitor actually participates. This means that there must be at least four conversation paths within a chat. If it is spam, it will be marked as such and you will not be charged for it.

My website does not have many visitors. Should I still use live chat?

Even a single customer can make a decisive difference, if it is the right one. Try to win this customer with live chat! Alice-Chat makes it easy for you, because it can be installed with very little effort and you can quit at any time without having to cancel a contract.

How do I set up Alice-Chat on my website?

Your Alice-Chat account manager will contact you to discuss how Alice-Chat should look like and how it should be used on your website. After we have created the design of your chat window and defined the service, Alice-Chat can be installed on your website. In order to do this, a few lines of HTML code must be added to your website. You can either insert the code by yourself or ask us to do it for you. After that, each chat will be automatically answered by an Alice-Chat agent.

Which messages will be sent to me?

We will respond to inquiries using your knowledge database. For unresolved, important inquiries, we will send you the complete chat transcript with contact details for consultation with your website visitor.

If a need for action arises during a chat, for example because a customer wants to receive your call quickly, we will send you this information as well as the chat history to an e-mail address of your choice within two hours.

How can I adapt my chat appearance?

When setting up Alice-Chat, we design your chat window according to your wishes. You can also add your company logo or make changes later at any time. Your Alice-Chat account manager will inform you about your possibilities.

Does Alice keep a record of my previous chats?

Yes – we provide you with all chat records at the end of the month.

Can I run my own chats and add Alice-Chat only during peak hours?

Yes, contact your Alice-Chat account manager to learn more about our hybrid offers.

How can I entrust my live chat to someone who is not directly employed by me?

Outsourcing is a special challenge, but believe us: with us, you are in capable hands. By creating your knowledge database together, we avoid incorrect information. We achieve the best results for your website communication, because our chat agents have the necessary experience in dealing with customers.

Why doesn't Alice-Chat offer a trial period?

Many chat providers advertise free trial periods, but these offers lack the prerequisites for a successful visitor approach, such as the training of chat agents and the optimal setup of the medium live chat on your website.

It takes more than just downloading a chat software and anonymous chat agents, who only ask for the contact details of your visitors.

Your maximum investment is €297 for three months. You only invest more, if you want us to conduct more than 75 chats during this period.

In order to get you excited about this offer, we double the number of chats for your first order to 150.

Available Software Integrations


Our hosting providers and software suppliers are certified according to the following standards:


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